Thursday, December 16, 2010

Neck, Nog N' Snog

We started the evening 'round the dinner table with slippery noodles covered in decadent sauces, Homemade Rosemary bread dipped in Oil and Balsamic and light leefy greens parading 'neath sweet red tomatoes and candied mushrooms. The dinner was accompanied by Mint and Vanilla Hot Chocolate garnished with striped candy cane stirring sticks and petite marshmallows. In tall crystal glasses flowed sparkling apple-cranberry delight, and apple-peach cider and in a tall glass vase the Egg Nog.

Dabney shared stories of Christmas apast and Ryan joked while Kenny G's Christmas album filled the soundwaves. Small baby T was soothed by the humming of the fireplace in the living room and the warm glow of the Christmas tree lights.
Light chatter took place near the tree, mugs filled with steaming hot cocoa splooshed and splashed as the laughter continued.

We then found ourselves snuggled up in a Shuttle Bus to sing to neighbors and friends. A carol or two with a dance and a jig. Dashing through the streets of town, laughing all the way.

Cheers to good company and even better friends!!

I am thankful for friends that I can rely on and depend on for selflessness and entertainment. Thanks for a wonderful Neck, Nog N' Snog 2010!


  1. That night was so fun! Such a great way to describe the night! We are all so classy! Hehe

  2. that looks like so much fun! I am so sad that we missed it! seriously, where on earth did you get the bus? that is hilarious!

  3. I loved our party!!! Can't wait for the next bash!

  4. looks like such a fun fun party! GOTTA LOVE THE CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!