Sunday, June 26, 2011

ARUBA jamaica ooo I wanna take ya to Bermuda...

We started our trip at the Restaurant Hadicurari for my Mother's Day dinner. This place was fantastic. Right on the beach and the food was fantastic. The owner of the restaurant would say to us... "Hun-ee-moon-airs!! You come 2, you leave three! Next year we need high chair!" We laughed... little did he know we are veterans with 2 at home. Well to make it funnier, this restaurant was right next to our hotel so we heard it EVERYDAY for the next 6 days. Oh gee... funny guy.
Right next door there is an outdoor dance floor and lots of young people jamming to LOUD music. Luckily Steve and I were in the mood to dance so it didn't bother us and once dinner was over we joined them and had a BLAST! We were the tallest people on the dance floor and of course the best dancers :)

Crazy Dinner at Senor Frogs. Probably never again. haha

We took a Snorkel Cruise with the Jolly Pirates on their pirate ship around the Shipwreck and Reef. Fascinating. As far as the size of the ship, it is sunk at a very shallow depth. You can see every detail on the boat from the surface with a pair of Snorkels on.

Steve was so proud of this Jeep. "Look at the tread on those tires! I told them I wanted great tires... that's all I needed, great tires and GUTS"

Wish Garden - 1 mile long down the coast. Rocks stacked on top of each other. We built our tower and made a wish. I hope it comes true! Wish us luck!

Steve saw someone in distress. Stuck in the Sand.

He came to their rescue!! "Come see me at the Duty Free store at the Airport on your way out of town. Bottle of Wine on me!!" The man says to us. :)

Natural Bridge - the other bridge came crashing down just 1 year ago. I hope this one stays standing much longer. It is beautiful!

Bushiribana Ruins built by the original inhabitants of the Island of Aruba - the Arawak Indians.

Natural Pools. You can see how the water was hitting the rocks and crashing over the natural pool. There were like 50 little crabs that would run their little bodies sideways to get back up the rock after being pushed to the pool. Most people had left by the time we got there cause the Ocean was getting a little Scary. p.s. Saw a fish while snorkeling in here that was the size of me... I am not kidding. Okay he was the size of Ethan but still...

Milton and Rachel - Arubans that did not have a 4x4 to get to the natural pool so they rode their bikes... with flat tires. We of course told them to throw their rusty bikes on top of the Jeep and hop in for the rest of the 5 mile mountain terrain ride.

Apparently Milton's bike used to be a tandem? hmm...

snorkeling at Baby Beach.

Guadirikiri Cave which is 30 Meters Deep.

We went to eat at the restaurant named the Screaming Eagle for my birthday. I met a woman in the airport terminal when we first got in that had a 2nd or 6th home or something in Aruba (big $$$ obviously) Anyway, she said that the two of us needed to go to this restaurant because it was so romantic. Well, we took her advice and so glad we did. Never had either of us had such an amazing meal nor had either of us been in a place that was more romantic (or pricey) :) But I will tell you this... I will NEVER forget it.

Parasailing - 1000 ft up in the air!

Aruba was far more family friendly than we were expecting. When we go back we will definitely be taking the kids with us! I would recommend Aruba as a vacation spot!

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