Saturday, June 25, 2011


Arrived at our Fabulous Hotel, the Hilton at Times Square surrounded by Hell's Kitchen. We spent our first several hours in New York just trying to keep up with Josh Ferguson. Josh is Jeff's Best friend who is out there working as a fashion photographer. He made it very clear that we were not to wear bright colors nor any shirts with graphics on them. We did not listen very carefully. He was obviously embarrassed of us because we spent the whole day chasing him from one monument to the next. Central Park, Trump Tower, the LDS temple, Hell's Kitchen, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (AMAZING), Times Square, Grimaldi's Pizzeria, the Brooklyn Bridge, Financial District etc.

We had heard all about Grimaldi's Pizzeria being the best pizza in NYC so we took our chances with the crowd and headed to the Pizzeria underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. There was a line formed out on the sidewalk with a rope running down the middle of the curb. Grimaldi himself would come out and yell "How many?!" If you don't answer, you get skipped, if you do not have your whole party with you, you get skipped, if you don't have the exact right number of people in your party for his opening.. you get skipped. Many parties of 4 started splitting up into 2's so they could get in. Once you are "accepted" you are placed in the only opening available. Even if that means at a table with complete strangers. The tables are so close inside the pizzeria it's as if you are eating on top of eachother anyway. But I will admit... It IS the best pizza I have ever had. Dunno how he did it either. I don't get it. I COULD NOT figure it out, and if you know me, I am like "little chef" from Disney's Ratoutielle. I can SMELL and TASTE Everything. Usually to a point I can pick out the ingredients. I hear he has ties to the mob and has rights to the most amazing cheese in the world. ??!?! I wouldn't discount that claim so fast...

We were looking for Breakfast and Josh told us to go into a little convenience store the size of my bedroom that looked disgusting. Had Josh not told us it was safe we would NOT have eaten it. It was delicious, and the people yelled at you for your order and yelled at you if you ordered wrong and yelled how much you owed them and did not smile. It was AWESOME. just exactly cliche' New York Breakfast.

The actual Rebuild of the World Trade Center. The feeling was unexplainable. Though we are smiling in the next picture we really just stood there in awe for about 20 minutes. It truly feels like they are rebuilding the nation
There are still buildings with the windows blown out and boards up. There is also many buildings still missing. It's a humbling experience to see it in real time. Wish I had been back even sooner. I think it was important for me to see and FEEL. Intense.

These last two pictures are of a place in the heart of the Financial District in downtown New York City. Just across the street from the site of the World Trade Centers. I LOVE this cafe. Panini & Co. It had EVERYTHING! Every kind of pastry and dessert you can think of, pasta made to order, sandwiches, and a mix in salad bar. It was like Walgreens but for delicious food. (You know how Walgreens has so much stuff!?! Like random stuff you didn't know you needed but when you see it there you are like "I Need that!" like fuzzy slippers that turn into a neck pillow for airplane travel or a ch-ch-ch-chia pet in the shape of Matt Lauer. That kind of needed stuff.

The Famous Wall Street Bull, NYSE.

I LOVE this pic. This is our CD Album Cover. Really sweet Architecture and Art pieces in the financial district.

On the NY Subways. Since it is the only way to really do New York. Josh just made us ride it everywhere for one; to save cash but two because we were so afraid we would be bombed if we went down there. p.s. we weren't bombed in the metro.

This is a picture of us waiting in line outside an underground Comedy Club that Josh found. There were 3 comedians that night. The first guy... made me scream/laugh he was so funny. The second guy... also hilarious. The 3rd guy... let's just say it was like one of those moments when you are channel surfing and it just happens to be on an episode of Jerry Springer or MTV's "The Grind" the moment your step-Father walks into the room. You feel like you need to explain yourself but if you do, you only look more guilty. So you get that it was awkward.

New York was wonderful and I totally get why people feel so attached to the city. It is amazing and so rich with history. I cannot wait to go back, I feel that in 3 short days it became MY city. I <3 NYC.

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